“Lead and let go” to transform the potential of your team.

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L’Orchestre Métropolitain du Montreal with Tania Miller

Leadership is about being the fuel and the fire — creating a spark and lighting your team into motion. It’s about infusing and communicating purpose — so that it is what compels your team’s greatest passions and interests and brings them together in a common quest. And I learned as a conductor, that sometimes it’s about letting them play and standing back to enjoy the performance.

True leadership is a unique combination of actively leading and inspiring direction while, at other times, being a conduit for your organization’s own will to shine through.

As an orchestra conductor, if I get the balance right, I have the capacity to enable something extraordinary to emerge through talented people who are all committed to the same thing. …


Tania Miller

Orchestra conductor. Connecting people to music and what it teaches us about life, awareness, creativity and leadership taniamiller.com

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